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All our products are handmade in Montreal, using natural fibres and are eco-friendly.

Orange polka dot scrub cap

Because We Care.

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine-washable and reusable
  • Eco friendly
  • Elastic for extra comfort
  • Adjustable tie straps
  • Foldable flap
  • Side buttons to hold the mask, protecting your ears
  • Each scrub cap is hand sewn here in Montreal and have some uniqueness
  • 10% of proceeds will be donated to food banks
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Ear savers

Ear Savers



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Scrub Caps

Delivering results that get noticed.

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“What is not to love about my Tecstyl Masks (PS I own 5 and have bought them for everyone in my immediate family). The nose clip keeps them firmly in place! They are comfortable and adjustable. I have very sensitive skin and I love them as they do not cause irritation. Especially in love with my silk one. If you are looking for comfort and beautiful designed masks look no further!”

– Megan Grace Battley

“When my gym was allowed to open again back in June, I knew we had to adapt our service based on the new Covid-19 health regulations. I wanted to print my logo and have my own branded masks for myself and my clients. Initially, I didn’t have much consideration for the quality of the masks given that the information about which masks were “proper” to protect us from the viruses was confusing and there were many conflicting opinions. Luckily, Tecstyl knows exactly what they are doing. Not only did they make several styles of masks for me based on my request, but the print of my logo AND the quality/effectiveness of the masks were beyond my expectations. Tecstyl has since released new materials and add-ons to their repertoire and everything I have tried was not only comfortable and effective, but also cost-effective. This company has not stopped innovating since day one and I’m CERTAIN they will continue!”

– Adam Shore (Brodybuilding)

“Couldn’t be happier! People who know me know I am a very picky and demanding shopper. So since I couldn’t find the mask I was looking for, I ordered a custom made mask from Tecstyl. Very luxurious, 100% linen inside and out and top of the line elastic band. Fitted with the permanent super efficient non woven filter. The mask actually seals my face even better then my N95 mask and the linen absorbs twice as much moisture than cotton. It is also very effective as a natural antibacterial.”

– Vincent Mercier


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